Dance Teacher Certification

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The T Spheres Dance Teacher Certification is a combination of 4 weeks home study + in practice sessions on Zoom.

Participants will be taught the mind-body techniques created by Founder Stephanie Whittier, incorporating T Spheres aromatherapy massage balls for warm-ups, cool downs, and stress & anxiety management in competitive dance. The class will focus on muscle & fascia release techniques, acupressure, and the advantages of massage & aromatherapy for a dancer's health.

The course is taught by Founder, Stephanie Whittier LMT, CST or a certified teacher with advanced training.
T Spheres Certification (required)

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2 Video Practice Sessions  : 1 hour at the end of weeks one and three.
Final Exam : 1.5 hours at the end of week four.

  • For the final exam teachers will demonstrate their class concept using T Spheres Techniques + complete the course exam verbally.
  • After completing the course successfully a Certificate of Completion will be sent via email AND the teachers headshot + bio will be added to our website.

The T Spheres Techniques Dance Teacher certification course requirements:

  • At least one Set of T Spheres (note: having both sizes is highly recommended)
  • Dance Education (BA or Other)
  • Basic anatomy and/or dance anatomy*
  • Short Bio and Professional Resume
  • Professional headshot/dance photo for use by T Spheres to add you to our website and share on Social Media.
  • Teachers / Studios will need to Create a T Spheres account to register/purchase the Certification Course. Once creating an account and purchasing the Course you will be approved for wholesale purchasing and your Complimentary box of Empower Mint will be available to order.

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*This course does not teach anatomy, it is a certification for dance teachers who want to learn Stephanie's techniques of application for the T Spheres aromatherapy massage ball for self care and partner massage.

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Posted by Holly Mehedin on March 20, 2024
If you haven’t met Stephanie or worked with the T Spheres team, you are missing out. Stephanie is a fantastic human being, and the product she developed is one that I jumped right on board with. I knew I had to be certified with them, and I use T Spheres heavily in all of my dance classes. It’s so important to make sure our students are well educated, and almost all of my students use T Spheres on the daily. I cannot say enough good things about this product or this team, and they are highly recommended!

Dedicated follower of the brand

Posted by Brenda Bobby, B.Boundless, Founder, IG @BrendaBobby on March 9, 2024
Ever since I was introduced to T Spheres at the Dance Teacher Summit in NYC years ago, I have been a dedicated follower of the brand. I have attended live classes, watched demo videos, and shared the benefits with my students. The positive impact my students have experienced has been significant, leading many of them to adopt the techniques into their daily routines. The immediate results are crucial for this generation and help to keep them committed and engaged. I wholeheartedly recommend T Spheres to all my clients and consistently use them myself.
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