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Self Care for Dancers

Videos from the 2017 Dance Teacher Summit, a meeting of like-minded dance teachers and professionals who support the growth and development of dance education.

T Spheres Founder Stephanie Whittier LMT, CST, Lisa Ebeyer Master Ballet Teacher and Dale Lam Master Class Teacher demonstrate and discuss techniques for incorporating T Spheres into a dance regimen for freedom of movement & injury prevention.


Three Unique Aspects

Connecting & Grounding Feet + Balance

Opening the Feet: Slow and Steady

Lower Back and Pelvic Girdle + Connection to Jaw

Origin & Insertion of IT Band + Quadriceps and Plies

Releasing the Upper Back


T Spheres Inc is not liable for any incorrect use or improper cleaning procedures in your studio or practice. Professionally certified instructors are to apply the same knowledge when using our products as they are with all props used in class.
Health notes: Using this product incorrectly can result in soreness similar to a heavy workout or deep tissue massage. If soreness occurs - drink plenty of water and allow 48 hours before using on the affected area.