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Self Care for Dancers


T Spheres Injury Prevention Workshop & Teachers

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These videos will provide you with the beginning steps to using T Spheres for slowing down, connecting to breath, and learning how to release soft tissue holdings through self-massage.

The unique and patent pending properties of the T Spheres massage ball allow for application directly on skin, as well as over clothing. T Spheres were made to be used like a massage therapist’s hands – not only for placing under the body or rolling on (we call this acupressure and rolling massage) – they can also be used for rolling over and pressing into the entire body for soothing massage, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and trigger point release.

Self Care for Dancers

Specifically designed for self-care and injury prevention, T Spheres is taking it to a whole other level.
Watch the video teaser and stay tuned for the full video launch coming soon.

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A few T Spheres terms you will learn:

Palm Pressure for chronic tension points

Palm Rolling across a sore muscle or to calm nervous tension

Acupressure placing underneath the body using body weight to apply pressure

Myofascial Twist hold the T Sphere with your fingers and apply pressure adding a twist

Stay tuned for more T Spheres videos and live classes… as we roll into your life to help you stay injury free! Our proprietary rubber compound is infused with pure essential oil and leaves no oily residue – it’s the go-to dance tool to prevent injury and enhance the longevity of a dancer’s career.

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