Injury Prevention and Self-Care

T Spheres Master Classes are taught by dance teachers who studied with founder, Stephanie Whittier LMT, CST. They spent hours of training learning her mind-body techniques that utilize T Spheres in self massage for dance warm-ups and cool downs.

Dancers who participate in our classes will be educated on how to use T Spheres to improve circulation, range of motion, pliability of muscles, alignment and feel connections throughout the body and mind for stability & control. They will learn how to implement massage, fascia release, acupressure and the benefits of aromatherapy for dancers.

T Spheres Techniques for Dancers

Start your day with LA's newest warm up class that incorporates massage, breathwork and myofascial release.


In this class dancers will be guided through aromatherapy self-massage using T Spheres massage balls. Participants will learn techniques that can help release myofascial holdings, improve circulation, range of motion, and muscle pliability.


T Spheres Teacher: Ally Pawlowski
Fridays @ 10am PT

Summer Workshop Master Classes

Our Master Classes and Teachers are ready to teach your students virtually or in a safe in-studio environment. Classes can be booked for students of all levels.


For more information, call: 212.533.8300 (M-F 11am-6pm EST) or Email us.