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Injury Prevention and Self-Care


In this introductory workshop, participants will learn founder Stephanie Whittier's mind & body techniques for utilizing T Spheres aromatherapy massage balls in dance warm-ups and cool downs. Explore new ways to maximize injury prevention and techniques that can be used before class and performance. Participants will be educated on ways to use T Spheres to improve circulation, range of motion, pliability of muscles, alignment and feel connections throughout the body and mind for stability & control. Muscle and fascia release techniques, acupressure and how aromatherapy can be beneficial to a dancer's well being will also be covered.

This workshop is now available to host at your studio or college, as an intensive or a private, for students of all levels. Contact us below for more information.

Request Information

The T Spheres Injury Prevention Workshop requires a minimum order for all class bookings. One 45mm set per student is mandatory for this class.

To request a wholesale account to order T Spheres sets use one of the options below:
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By Phone: 212.533.8300 (M-F 11am-6pm EST)
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