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Founder Story

Stephanie Whittier, Founder, CEO

 Founder & CEO T Spheres Inc. 

Stephanie Whittier LMT, CST

 As the Founder and CEO of T Spheres, Stephanie Whittier brings over 29 years of massage and craniosacral therapies, pain relief innovation, multi-cultural massage practices, and extensive formal massage education to her company and product line.

Stephanie’s development of T Spheres was rooted in her experience as a professional massage therapist. To help clients suffering from chronic pain, Stephanie recommended the popular self-care method using tennis balls, however, she discovered this technique was not providing effective results. She embarked on a journey to developing and patenting a better solution for self-massage that included the healing properties of essential oils.

These innovative and patented T Spheres help release muscle tension and stress, while engaging the olfactory receptors with therapeutic oils. T Spheres target and reduce muscular pain, joint pain, and backache along with enhancing immunity by stimulating lymph flow, the body's natural defense system, and improving sleep. Stephanie’s breakthrough, patented process and product are the first of their kind to deliver such powerful holistic healing benefits in a user-friendly, portable package.

Stephanie’s healing and massage practice is globally diverse and serves a myriad of clients; A-list celebrities, pregnant women, athletes, marathon runners, cancer patients seeking alternative care and natural pain relief, and business professionals who travel extensively. T Spheres are currently sold and offered in treatments at international spas and resorts, onboard cruise lines, wellness centers, in airport retailers, and online through the website and additional online retail outlets.

 One of Stephanie’s collaborations is the development of “Control Alt Delight” classes with Facebook Marketing Director, Randi Zuckerberg. The sessions, featuring T Spheres, are offered as a service for the Canyon Ranch Spa Club aboard Celebrity Cruise Lines. Marketed under T Spheres’ private label, “SAIL AWAY” yoga-sport massage ball at Canyon Ranch, the product is credited with helping customers achieve better balance, improve posture, alleviate headaches, and decrease stress levels.

Stephanie is a graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York City with continuing studies at the Upledger Institute in Florida and a Reiki Mastership in New York. Her training includes Newborn and Infant Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Massage, and several other modalities in the art of massage. She was instrumental in introducing therapeutic massage in the gym environment with her massage program at World Gym in New York’s Lincoln Square in 1992. 

T Spheres evolved from her massage company Tranquility Massage, Inc., where she provided massage therapy for entertainment industry clients such as John Cusack, Sting, Paul Simon, Mark Knopfler, and Brian Ferry. Other notable fans of T Spheres are actresses Kristen Wiig and Dana Delaney who both carry the geranium infused Inner Beauty spheres in their travel bags. Supermodel Lily Aldridge favors T Spheres’ peppermint and pink grapefruit set Perk Up. Musicians Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode and Chris Martin of Coldplay both use T Spheres as an integral part of their pre-and-post concert wellness routine. Legendary photographer, Annie Leibovitz has used T Spheres in her studio to relax since Stephanie, her private wellness therapist at the time, first introduced her to them in 2006. Model/Actress Brooke Shields relied on T Spheres to work the kinks out of her neck during long hours on set shooting the pilot for Lipstick Jungle.

Stephanie’s passion for healing extends to her spirit of charitable involvement, as well. She received a Citation in Excellence from New York State for her development of the class PE2 working with at risk youth teaching respectful touch through movement and self-massage classes in partnership with The Hell’s Kitchen AIDS Project. In her career, she has supported many organizations including the MS Marathon Team, a multitude of breast cancer awareness groups, The Birch Camp and FM World Charities’ Skin Cancer Awareness Screenings on the Warped Tour.