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T Spheres Massage Demo : Neck and Shoulders

A sneak peak of the T Spheres Techniques used in a professional massage session. This video demonstrates the use of myofascial twist, palm rolling, cranial hold and traction using our lavender infused 45mm set PEACE & QUIET. These techniques can also be used at home for partner massage to help those who suffer from headaches or migraines.

T Spheres Basic Training

Train your staff with our FREE Basic Training Video. This course is a good start for your spa staff to learn more about the products, how to add T Spheres into a massage treatment and self care techniques. To earn CE's from this Continuing Education Teacher - please contact Karina Braun at IGetInTouch.

Massage Therapist Forearm Self Care

Palm Pressure and Palm Rolling: Place the T Sphere in the palm of the hand to apply pressure. Add a roll across the body. To calm nervous tension - lightly roll across the body including the neck, face, chest and abdominals. (Nerve stimulation)

Acupressure: Place the T Spheres underneath the body allowing the body weight to apply the pressure. For deep release - add pressure over the body part the T Sphere is placed under. Note: The acupressure technique is the simplest for your clients to take home, using the T Spheres either lying on the floor, in bed or standing against the wall to continue self-care at home.

Myofascial Twist: Hold the T Sphere with your fingers and apply subtle pressure, add a twist (without compromising your wrist) to release holdings in the connective tissue.

Myofascial Pull: Hold the T Sphere in between the thumb and index finger, touch the finger to the thumb to make an "O" (note: the T Sphere will fill in the "O" space for this technique) the movement for this application is a slow steady pull across the body. Try this technique across Sacrum or IT band.