Peace & Quiet (45mm golf ball size)

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Calming ● Anxiety Reducer ● Encourages Relaxation

Infused with 100% Lavender essential oil
Comes with 3ml refresher spray, instructional brochure and travel bag
All T Spheres products are travel size and TSA approved

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Self Care Made Simple

Portable and easy to travel with, T Spheres are innovative self-massage tools born from over 17 years of research and development that combine the infusion of aromatherapy essential oil into a perfectly weighted patented rubber compound.

Lavender Aromatherapy

  • Lavender’s Beneficial Qualities: Induces sleep, alleviates anxiety and emotional stress, relieves muscle and joint aches.

The aromatherapy infusion in the T Sphere massage ball is a patented process with each set infused perfectly and the color specifically in line with the essence of the essential oil infusion in the set. The infusion in manufacturing leaves no oily residue – one of the secrets of how we create them!

Disclaimer: T Spheres Inc. is not liable and will not replace any damages to the T Spheres set if you try to replicate the infusion process or refresh using other essential oil lines.

Customer Reviews (2)

Wonderfully relaxing!

Posted by Jennifer Dean on May 26, 2020
I pulled these out and put them to work as soon as they were delivered. The lavendar scent is relaxing and not at all overwhelming. The tspheres work great to relieve my muscle aches and knots. I love that I can use them myself, or have my husband give me a massage with them. I'll definitely be purchasing more!


Posted by Kristine Mendez on February 25, 2019
These are so helpful when at work, in an office. As you can place under your legs or butt, for release of tight muscles. Also good to address tension in hands and forearms!
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