Why use aromatherapy in place of perfumes?

Why use aromatherapy in place of perfumes?

It's tested and true that our sense of smell is deeply tied to our moods and memories. The smell of books, clean sheets, or someone’s perfume might evoke a specific memory and an associated emotional response. Perfumes are even designed around this concept, creating the idea of a ‘signature scent’. But what’s in the scent you’re spraying on your skin?

Actually, we don’t really know. Of course we know the basic ingredients (like benzyl alcohol, acetone, ethanol, formaldehyde), but the chemicals that create signature synthetic smells often aren’t listed. Because the fragrances are protected as ‘trade secrets’, the chemicals that make them aren’t disclosed – not even to regulators. And those chemicals can have harmful health effects: from skin irritation, to respiratory problems, to bioaccumulation and hormonal disruption. That’s why finding natural alternatives to synthetic fragrances is so important, especially starting from a young age.  Teens bodies are going through big hormonal changes, and disrupting that process could alter more than we know to measure. 

Aroma has such potential as a powerful tool to promote well-being – when it’s naturally derived. Aromatherapy takes the effects of certain natural scents (like lavender for calm, peppermint for alertness, citrus for energy, lemongrass for focus) and adds to their effectiveness by creating an association to those states through consistent ritual. Each time you use your T Spheres, you’re strengthening that connection. Not only is the smell of, say,  lavender having a calming effect on your nervous system, but the memory of lavender from the last time you rolled out with your T Spheres reminds your senses of being in a calm state. The aromatherapy signals your emotional and mental states to relax, and your physical state follows suit, further encouraged by self-massage with the T Spheres. 

So not only are essential oils (pure and ethically sourced) a natural alternative to synthetic perfumes, their aromatherapy also invites you to create a relationship with your energy, and empowers you to actively influence and invest in your moods and emotions. Perfumes are part of the beauty industry. But within our wellness community, we know that being and feeling healthy and well is what’s really beautiful, and that our wellness is well within our own power.

Healthy Habits Start Young

T Spheres make the perfect healthy lifestyle gift for all ages and occasions! Our aromatherapy refresher sprays are made from all natural, ethically sourced essential oils and pair perfectly with our T Spheres sets. Our wellness community ranges from 6-60 and know that being and feeling healthy is what’s really beautiful!